About Doreen Kashan Company

doreen kashan

Doreen Kashan Company was established in 1354 in order to produce micronized mineral powders used in the drilling industry, and now with the addition of 9 subsidiary companies to its group, while producing more than 90% of additives, Also offers all drilling fluid services.

Biography of the CEO

Naser Baktash, industrial, mineral, chemical group, chairman of the board Kashan who was born in 1944, educated basic and higher education in Iran then departed America for continuing education and got master’s degree in the majors of Architecture, Urbanization, Civil and Construction computing from the most prestigious American universities such as Queens university, New York technology university, New York Polytechnic. He has been chairman of the board since 1981 in sand Depot company,  1984 in asphalt Mad company, 1987 in Pej company and since 1996 in mineral products company. At the moment, he is managing director and chairman of the board in Kashan Doreen company and in Doreen kaolin barite companies, drilling fluids Doreen company, Arvand digger Doreen company, Garmsar salt Doreen, Mo’od salt Doreen, Ferdos soil Doreen, Kashan loads Doreen, south transport Doreen and Arvand Refining Pars. It is worth to mention, he had chairmanship of association Iran asphalt for 20 years.

درین کاشان

- Doreen Kashan, Kashan

Mineral processing and production of micronized powders

- Doreen Kashan, Ferdos

Production of industrial micronized powders

- شركت درين خاك فردوس

Mining and exploitation of mines

- Magma Company

Production of mineral micronized powders

- شركت درين سيالات حفاري

Production of drilling starches and chemicals used in drilling fluids

- شركت گام تك تبريز

Manufacturer of xanthan Gum

- شركت درين حفار اروند

Providing drilling fluid services, engineering, laboratory and logistics

- شركت درين ترابر جنوب

Providing transportation services

- شركت درين بار كاشان

Providing transportation services

Mineral materials

  • Barite Powder
  • Bentonite Powder
  • Hematite Powder
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Anti-Cake Salt

Polymeric materials

  • Xanthan Gum
  • Drilling Starch
  • Natural Gum
  • PAC

Oily drilling mud

  • OBM Emulsifiers
  • Fluid Loss Controller
  • OBM Viscosifier

Other chemicals

  • Biocide
  • Bit Lubricant
  • Pipe Lax
  • Defoamer
  • Corrosion Inhibitor
  • DME
  • Drilling Glycol
  • The operational warehouse of this company with an area of 47000 square meters (roof space 14700 square meters), equipped with scales, parking and repair shop of heavy machinery, laboratory, office space, educational and guest house, located in Kot Abdullah area of Ahvaz offers services and support for drilling rigs 24 hours a day.
  • The transportation unit of this company, having two transportation companies with a license to issue a bill of lading at the warehouse and a transport fleet equipped with 24 owning trailers and 18 rented trailers, is responsible for transporting materials to drilling rigs.
  •       The technical and engineering department of this company has the ability to provide comprehensive drilling fluid services with its experienced personnel and equipped laboratory.

    • Provide a plan and design of various drilling fluids based on the drilling plan of oil and gas fields
    • Prepare comprehensive reports of drilling fluid during drilling operations and well completion
    • Design of supplementary and repair of drilling fluids
    • Provide applied technologies for the use of advanced drilling fluids
    • Comprehensive management of drilling fluids
    • Evaluate drilling projects based on a comparison of integrated service performance
    • Manage and monitor project operations

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